Game Over: Press Start to Continue
David Sheff
Game Over book cover

If Nintendo was a religion, David Sheff’s Game Over: Press Start to Continue would likely be it’s holy book. Game Over, in about four hundred and thirty three pages, covers in depth, Nintendo’s history from it’s origins as a cottage based Hanafuda card maker in the 1800’s, to the twilight of the Super NES in the mid 1990’s.

Sheff goes to great lengths not just to retell what happened, but to profile the many individuals behind the game ideas and business tactics that shaped Nintendo and the industry as a whole. Though the point of view comes off as biased at times, the book doesn’t shy away from the questionable practices Nintendo used in the 80’s and early 90’s to dominate the console race.

The book makes the history of Nintendo as engaging and entertaining as the games themselves, with many chapters reading almost like those of a spy novel.

Even if you’ve seen documentaries on Nintendo and gaming history on cable or have read about Nintendo’s early days on the internet, you’ll likely read at least a few new stories and details in each of Game Over’s sixteen chapters, and even for those who are convinced you’ve heard it all elsewhere, Game Over is just so well written and entertaining you won’t mind hearing it all over again.

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