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Museum of Unnatural Mystery

This is one of the coolest sites ever. Its a compendium of weird and cool stuff, at least some of which you've probably never heard of before.


Snopes analyses rumors and myths. The kinds of rumors and myths that make our lives difficult and frustrating. Highly entertaining and informative.

Eternal Egypt

Its an online Egyptology museum. Thats all.

Worlds Earliest Television Recordings Restored!

This stuff is just awesome. Video recordings from the earliest days of television history were rediscovered on ancient vinyl disks that were only replayable using the latest computer restoration technology.

I Used to Believe

A site full of the crazy things we thought when we were little. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this hard at something I’ve found on the internet.

Dream Views

Finally, a straight faced lucid dreaming resource that isn’t geared towards crystal gripping teenage pseudo-wiccans.

Internet Archive

Don’t let the corporate fuddyduds fool you into thinking high quality, free content is illegal by default.

Internet Archive has tons old and new material of every description that you won’t have to pay a penny for.

Newgrounds Audio Portal

More free music.


A database of vintage computers, some famous like the Apple ][ and PET, and others obscure like the Bandai RX-78. Lovely.

Forgotten NY

This site is awesome. Where vestiges of NYC's past linger, this site is there to cover it. Amazing.

Dark Passage

An urban exploration site focusing on the New York area.

5AT Advanced Steam Locomotive Project

The coal-fired steam locomotives of old may have been usurped by diesel and electric power in the 1960s, but steam technology itself is far from obsolete. In the 21st century steam engines are essential in electric power generation, serve as key components of nuclear reactors, and are being investigated as a power solution for carbon neutral automobiles.

Veteran engineer David Wardale's 5AT project seeks to put high-tech steam locomotives to work on Great Britain's railways.

Retro Junk

70s? 80s? 90s? Nostalgia get! :D

tr0d's Youtube Channel

With dozens of documentaries, TV commercials, hint&tip videos and other material from the early years of video gaming, tr0d's YouTube channel is a great look back at the Pre-NES American gaming scene.

Intellivision Production's YouTube Channel

Inttellivision Production's official YouTube channel has more than 40 Intellevision related videos, mostly commercials and promotional footage from the 1980's, but also news footage covering the recent nostalgia movement.


An awesome thesaurus-type site I've been using since 2002. Don't bother signing up, the login feature has never actually worked or has been necessary for accessing all the features. Also, a thesaurus is like salt, sparing use can give your writing flavor, but use it too much and your writing becomes terrible.


This site lets you fold an ordinary piece of paper into a PDA with many useful functions. All you need is basic folding skills and access to a printer to print out the sheet with.


In the creator's own words, this is a dark sci-fi comic. Check it.

Demon Sushi

In the creator of Inhuman's personal site. I really have no idea why I didn't think to post a link to Icarus's place upon launching the site, seeing as my own site likely wouldn't exist if I hadn't stumbled across Demon Sushi back in 04 or 05 or whenever it was.

Trainspotting in Wales

A lucky fellow goes trainspotting in Wales.

Lynton & Barnstaple Railway

The Lynton & Barnstaple railway was a narrow-gauge railway built in England in 1898 to an unusually high standard for narrow-gauge lines of the time. The original railway was closed and pulled up in 1935, but a preservation society has two miles or so of the old line and has long term plans to restore the railway in it's entirety. Check them out.

Curious Goods

A site featuring hand made replicas of other-worldly artifacts. This stuff is amazing. And the creator was kind enough to follow me on Twitter, so please take a look.

A Girl on the Server

A comic drawn by a friend of mine retelling true and mostly true stories of being a female gamer online.

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