iPulse Speaker System by Sharper Image

Accessories don’t get any more straightforward than the Sharper Image iPulse. Its a stereo speaker you can dock your iPod into to play music without having to be tethered to headphones.not the book! it burns!

The sound quality is good enough for me, and will satisfy most casual listeners,  but the iPulse is obviously not a high performance system by any measure.

The main gimmick of the iPulse is the “light show” that flashes red, blue, green, LED lights as the music plays. I turned this feature off almost immediately, as it was distressing and annoying. The effect may look alright at a party in between a couple of lava lamps, but its just not for me. Unfortunately, there is an obnoxiously bright blue LED for the power indicator that can’t be turned off while the system is on, so if you want to listen to music at night as you go to sleep, this light will bathe your room in a blue glow unless stack something against it to hide the light, which will in turn ruin the sound quality.

Another “feature” of the iPulse is that it supposedly charges your iPod while you use it, but thats not what actually happened for me.

My year old iPod Video used to provide me a full week of battery life on a single four hour charge session. Since moment I first plugged in my iPod to the Sharper Image iPulse, my iPod’s battery life instantly dropped to maximum of a half hour (if I’m lucky) no matter how long and by what means I attempt to charge it. This thing permenantly murdered my iPod’s battery and now the iPod is totally useless.

Of course, the salesmen at the Sharper Image store tried to make it out like I did something wrong, and accused the iPod of being “old” and claimed that my iPod battery just wore out and that the timing was coincidental.

If you want to use your iPod as a stereo system, shell out and buy a good unit like the iPod Hi-Fi, because trying to save money with garbage like the Sharper Image iPulse may just end up ruining your iPod, and it’s just not worth it.

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